Choosing Business Contact Christmas cards

How to choose Christmas cards for your business contacts

Sending Christmas cards to your business contacts is probably something you do every year. Choosing the right cards, however, may not be something you think about too much.

In fact, it should be.

That is because sending the most appropriate card to each person you do business with, as well as cards that stand out, can help set you in good stead for improving your relationship with them even more next year.

High quality cards — Everything you send from your business says something about who you are and about what a successful business you own. This is why Christmas cards sent to business associates should be printed on heavy cardstock, and should always look as if they were specially designed and manufactured.

If you really want to impress, consider using gold-foil lined envelopes and foil-stamped embellishments to make your card and your business really stand out.

Religious Christmas cards — In most cases, unless you are absolutely sure a business contact shares your religious beliefs, it is usually best to stay away from cards with an overtly religious theme.

Instead, look for Christmas Cards by Charity Greeting Cards with a beautiful snow scene, a pile of presents or something more traditional like a bell or a tree.

Messages on the Christmas cards you send — Be sure to carefully read the messages inside the Christmas cards you choose before sending them.

In most cases, generic messages like ‘Seasons Greetings’ and ‘Happy Holidays’ tend to be more appropriate than ones with a religious message. Unless, of course, the business associate you send a card to goes to your church, or to one of a similar denomination.

Humor can be dangerous — In most cases, it is best to avoid humor in the Christmas cards you will be sending to business contacts. You do not usually know if what you consider funny will be taken the same way. It could even easily offend.

Instead, avoid sending humorous Christmas cards to business associates unless you know them well and are sure they will find them funny.

High-quality handmade cards — While some people say handmade cards are not appropriate for business associates, that is actually not true at all. Especially if you choose high-quality, beautifully made and designed handmade cards with a lovely message.

After all, handmade cards are generally much more expensive than those generically printed, and are also unique. These two things alone will make your Christmas cards stand out in the enormous pile of cards many businesses will receive.